Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Saturday: Block Party

Saturday was the block party, we worked with the community to plant a raised bed garden. We installed the design board and portraits, we grilled, we hung out, we tied surveyors tape to the fence, we ate and made friends.

Friday: Installing Posts and Finishing Painting

Today we installed the posts to support the design board. Chris from Z Construction helped us pour the concrete after we dug the holes. After we finished with this more students from The School of the Art Institute worked with members of the community to clean the rest of the lot and weed the proposed site for the garden. After installing the posts we went to a studio to finish painting the background fot the design board, mount the portraits and designs as well as finish any prep work for install the next morning.

Day Twenty Two and Three: Finishing and Painting Designs

We wrapped up the course finalizing designs and transfering them to a 40"x20" board to be displayed on the site. The students did an amazing job visualizing their designs and transfering them into paint. The design boards will be used to present the students designs to the community and will be presented at a block party and BBQ.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Day Twenty One: Finishing Portraits, Display and Garden Design Work

We finished our portraits today, and let me say that they look great. We also really began cranking out our final designs, doing scale and color drawings of our plans. After lunch we all met to discuss the possibilities for designs and layouts of our presentation board that will be installed on the garden site. After reviewing several proposals for designs and layouts of our outdoor exibition and design presentation we discussed what designs we liked the most and then those who decided they wanted to participate in the design of the presentation picked up templates to layout the portrait and designs on as well add design and decorative elements to the template. As we wrapped up the day with design work we put it aside and as students left class we had them vote on the new designs that were developed in class to get a more clear understanding of what fashion the students wanted to see their work presented in. A few volenteers and teachers stayed beheind to wait for supplies for the presentation board as well as to begin painting the lettering for the board.

Day Twenty: Portrait Painting and Design Work

Today we continued our self portraits. We met in our 2 design teams during the day so that those who finished with their portraits could move along with design work and have a sense of the intentions of the overall group. The School of the Art Instistute students, volenteers and teachers began to discuss the plans for the display of the student work on the lot located at Northeast corner of California Ave. and Maypole Ave where the garden site will be.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Day Nineteen: Portrait Painting

We transfered our drawings from a pounced piece of tracing paper onto a piece of primed masonite this morning. After we transfered the defining elements of our drawings we traced over the charcoal lines with a watered down blue paint. We sat and talked about value and color and ways to mix paint for a short while and then we took off painting. The talent of the students was evident right away, everyone did an amazing job!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Day Eighteen: Portriat drawing, tracing and pouncing

Today we all got the basics down for our portraits, we used a scale and grid system to transfer draw our portraits on 15 inch square pieces of paper. After drawing out our portraits from our selected photo we laid tracing paper over the drawings and copied the defining lines of our portraits. We then used a pouncing tool to perforate these lines in preparation to transfer our outlines onto a primed piece of masonite to paint our portraits that will be displayed next to our garden designs on the proposed garden sit at California and Maypole.