Thursday, May 6, 2010

New Beginnings

Check out our Summer 2009 Mural!

Our new rendition of the community mural.
Previous mural for 30 years

Take a look at the completed mural project at Central Park and Van Buren, on the west side of chicago. After over seven weeks of wall prep and painting 17 Chicago youth enrolled in the After School Matters program through the Garfield Park Conservatory and I have completed the revitalization and re-imagining of a mural which stood in the neighborhood for over 3 decades. With help from the community at The First Church of Brethren the youth artists and I were able to work through a collaborative design process to redesign this mural with the input from the youth artists and the members of the church's community. Many thanks to everyone who made this project possible including the Youth involved in the project, Department of Cultural Affairs, Garfield Park Conservatory, especially Mike Tomas and Seprina Redmond, After School Matters, First Church of the Brethren and everyone who came out showed their support, by verbal support or helping me take down scaffold, you know who you are. Thanks!
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