Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Week 3 Day 1

Yesterday we created flyers 2 hand out 2 people in the community, letting them kknow that we will be stopping by 2 visit and talk 2 them about what changes are being made 2 better the Maypole community. These flyers were 2 show the maypole community that positive changes can still be made 2 better the neighborhood. But in order 4 these great changes to be made, we have 2 work 2gether and put forth a lot of effort 2 make sure that these changes are made and not just discussed.

Overall, making a better Maypole has been fun. We’ve learned a lot of things, we can take with us in the future. For instance, knowing/learning about eh community History and how it has changed over a period of time. Also how music has influenced murals. We have learned what murals are, how they influence the community and how you can express what you’re feeling, and how the community influences the murals.

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