Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Day seven: Lot clean up and discussion

We spent our seventh day we spent the day working with Openland's Neighborhood Youth Garden Corps cleaning up the lot on the corner of California and Maypole. We spent the majority of the day weeding the lot getting it ready to be mulched in the coming week. The students from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago went to meet with one of the involved residents on the block to talk about the project. We stopped in the church that was near by to eat lunch, while we were waiting for the students to eat Reverend Jackson introduced himself, The Reverend is a very kind and insightful man who shared some of his knowledge of the neighborhood. Reverend Jackson was gracious enough to let us use the church to hold a community meeting where theKidstart students would be able present preliminary designs to community members in order to receive feedback that could inform their designs from the raw survey data from which they were based on. We continued back to the classroom after lunch where we discussed a reading that was given to the students the prior week. The Hanover Principles was the title of the reading, our review and discussion of the article was centered around the responsibility we must take when we design. We talked about how issues of social and ecological sustainability could be integrated into our design.

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jazim said...

What a terrific project. Let me know how I can help. Good luck.