Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Day Twelve: Finishing and practicing presentations and community design charette

We spent this monday finalizing the design presentations as well as practicing our presentations for the charette in the evening. After class we took a break for a couple hours and reconveined at the Revieval Fellowship Church where Reverend Jackson was so gracious to host our community meeting and charette. We introduced the project and the students took it from there. The presentations were very well recieved and all of the students presenting did so with confidence and delivered their ideas excellently. The SAIC students quickly presented their ideas to introduce themselves to members of the community as well as to get an initial response to their ideas. After presentations we gathered for snacks and beverages while the community members posed questions to the students as well as engaged in conversation with everyone involved. The members of the community were able to express their concerns as well as respond to the elements of the design which they liked. This was a great learning experience and catalyst for our design process.

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