Thursday, July 12, 2007

Day Three: Field trip to Chicago Center for Green Technology and Garfield Park Conservatory

Our third day we took a field trip to both the Chicago Center for Green Technology and the Garfield Park Conservatory. During our visit to CCGT we learned about native plant landscaping, stormwater management, ecologicaly concious building materials, alternitive and renewable energy, all of these concepts which we exposed will influence the design of the lot that we are looking addressing. Visiting the Garfield Park Conservatory we observed a much different type of landscaping, the gardens in the conservatory are much more ornamental and decorative than the natural landscaped at CCGT. We were also able to see the work of Jens Jensen and his prarie inspired landscaping that has been so influential to parks especially here in the midwest. We sat in the Monet garden and dicussed our experience visiting CCGT and responded to a series of questions.

Kidstart: Chicago Center For Green Technology:
Tuesday July 10th 2007
Describe the purpose of ecologically conscious design and construction.
Why is it important to consider the options and resources that CCGT offers?
What is one piece of technology, material, or landscaping element that has peaked your interest during your visit to CCGT?
Describe a function of the landscaping on the campus of CCGT.
What are three things that you saw today that could be incorporated into our design of a garden/park? Explain your choices and reasoning.

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